Online marketing has reached its peak during this pandemic. The physical doors of markets are closing, and online business has become the preferred platform for consumers. Before the emergence of COVID-19, companies’ 80% focus was on bricks-and-mortar efforts, and the remaining 20% was on online brand promotion. But the story is completely reversed now. So, as the bricks-and-mortar business are closed, how will the company sustain and maintain the cash flow?

The answer is by emphasizing more on online advertisements. The digital age has already picked up the pace, but those who were reluctant to implement it are now forced to embrace it to maintain the same profit as before the pandemic. 

For an e-commerce business, the website works as a marketplace where consumers can buy and sell. SEO implementation has become necessary, helping the business gain the most significant visibility and gain new customers, even when the physical presence is closed because of coronavirus.            

This article talks about how SEO can become a boon for e-commerce websites and why most companies are now investing more in SEO for getting quality leads.

How SEO Helps E-Commerce Achieve Higher Revenue During & After Pandemic

Focus on brand awareness with engagement during a pandemic

Even both the start-ups and biggies are taking advantage of SEO because it is the most cost-effective way to reach the target audience. Online e-commerce businesses allow consumers to know more about the brand, connect with it, and build relations. They can check reviews before making the final decision to ensure a quality purchase. Such involvement brings them closer to the brand. The closer they come to your brand, the more they will convert into your brand ambassador and refer your services to their loved ones. More customer engagement sends positive signals about your brand to search engines, and this can improve your website ranking.

During the pandemic, online searches have reached its peak.

All the non-essential stores have been closed in the world. Even if they are open, very few people are visiting them. In such a scenario, people prefer to search online for products and services and avail them online. Hence e-commerce SEO is the best strategy to implement for e-commerce industries, as online shopping has increased tremendously, and buyers who earlier prefer to go to shops for buying any product have now switched to an online platform. Hence the traffic has been increased exponentially.

Buyers still need the services which they needed before the pandemic.

Pandemic has changed the way the user used to shop, but it hasn’t reduced people’s need. And hence both SEO and paid marketing are the strategies that can make your brand reach the target audience and let them buy your products or services even in the current environment.

SEO can make your brand ready to shine on the internet post-pandemic

Things will become normal after a particular duration, but we don’t know the exact time. It might take a few months to make the situation familiar, but SEO will continue to do its work on the internet for making buyers’ lives easier. Proper implementation of SEO can give your website a better ranking, and you don’t have to wait after the situation comes to normal. You can run SEO campaigns which can give you results for years. Such things will help you to recover from the loss which your business might have suffered because of the economic downturn.

Focus on mobile-first indexing

In March 2020, Google came up with the new rule that it will first prioritize mobiles rather than desktops, and it will get implemented from the first week of September. This implies Google will prefer mobile-friendly websites, as most of the e-commerce businesses are now running through smartphones. If your e-commerce website is not fully compatible with mobile, it’s the time to enjoy good leads even in this pandemic. 

Ensure that the Googlebot can access your website both on mobile and desktop through the same robot tags. Next, ensure that the same website content is displayed from both the desktop and mobiles. Never cut down the mobile version’s content, as this is the first version that Google will crawl.

COVID-19 has undoubtedly given a tough time for all the businesses. Fortunately, the e-commerce sector is still operating safely, while many brick and mortar shops are closed temporarily. However, it’s a golden opportunity for offline shops to put their efforts in e-commerce business. Slacking their efforts during this pandemic and waiting for the situation to become normal is the biggest mistake that a business person can do. Put your efforts on SEO and promote the online business to reap maximum benefits during and after this pandemic. As SEO plays a pivotal role by targeting right audience and drawing their attention towards your website.

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