Google is delighted to launch its virtual visiting cards for building an online presence. One will unanimously agree to the fact that many people are trying to create a strong online presence on the internet. Such people have been trying to establish themselves through websites and social media accounts for several years. On the other hand, some people have just started their journey and hardly have any online presence. They may not have any clue about where to start. The good thing is Google has come up with a solution. Taking inspiration from the consolidated and easy to use information format that is available for most celebrities, Google has successfully inducted a new feature known as People’s Cards.

Through it, influencers, professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, prospective employees, and self-employed individuals or just about anyone can mark their presence online. This feature has been launched in India on Tuesday, and for the time being, it can be accessed only in the English language. Smartphones are well equipped with this feature, and it is available on Android and iOS-based platforms.

Google Virtual Cards: What it is all about?

The main objective of virtual google card is to make the online presence of a person more prominent, consolidated, and accessible. It also intends to help people when they search for information about the said person for finding authentic information concerning them. You can think of People’s Card as virtual visiting cards, which can help a person highlight the social media profiles they want others to visit along with other important information that they wish to give out. 

People’s Card: How to make one?

When it comes to the making of a people’s card, it is very easy on Google. Mentioned below are the steps involved in this process. 

Users have to use the browser in their smartphone and need to sign in their Google account.

Next, they have to go to the Google search and type the user’s name or type add me. The user must click on the prompt that appears.

To make the people’s card users can choose to use the image given in their Google account, fill in their descriptions, links for their social media website and profile, and if they wish, they may provide their virtual visiting cards with added information so that it is easier for people to look for them.

When the user has provided all the necessary details they want to provide, then they can click on the preview for viewing how their visiting card looks like. If the user is fully satisfied with the results, then they can choose to save the visiting card. A message of successful creation will appear on the browser when the visiting card becomes live on Google. 

You can access more professional template here.

The vision behind the Google Virtual Card

In an official statement, Google said that they wish to help people in finding reliable and authentic information about a person in their search engine. Hence, the tech giant has put in place several control and projections for maintaining the quality of the information provided through its visiting card.

Google has taken the necessary measures to prevent information discrepancy. Hence, only one visiting card can be made from a Google account. Besides, it is mandatory to authenticate the phone number provided on the card. Moreover, to safeguard the users against spam and content abuse Google has put in place a mechanism to protect users. If you are a user of the Google virtual Cards and if you feel that an impersonator made the card you came across, then you can tap on the feedback link and let Google know about it.

It also provides the option of deleting virtual cards to users. Thus, if they feel that they no longer want people to see their card on search, then they can delete their virtual cards. 

The idea behind the concept of virtual cards is to make it convenient for the user to search for someone quickly and help them in finding the right person. Suppose a user is searching for someone who is having a virtual card. They can see a module, which will be having the name of the person, profession, and location. It will be possible to click on the module and view the person’s virtual card. 

For users having the same name, multiple modules will be available. It will help users in distinguishing between various individuals having the same name and help them find the one they are looking for. So you can get started and mark your presence online with this beautiful new feature. 

 Google Virtual Card: Does it matters

Google virtual card or People’s Card is going to make searching for relevant information convenient and reliable. It helps to get a better response in SEO. So the seo services are going perfect through this. It will reduce the possibilities of spamming and content abuse. A virtual card is a new concept, and it will help the newcomers who are venturing to make their presence felt on the internet.

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