Ways brand can prepare for a post-pandemic world

The world is in the midst of a Global Pandemic which has now turned out to keep affecting the world for more than a year now. This Global pandemic has affected all kinds of businesses at all levels. Some business suffered huge loss, some earned huge profits and the others initially suffered losses but are presently earning maximum profits. Online business initially suffered huge losses as people feared to buy things from online markets but […]

Big shifts in shopping behavior this holiday season

Online businesses are set to explode this holiday season knocking on the door which may put the retailers’ online strategies to test. This year, due to the corona virus pandemic, online businesses had to deal with unexpected huge loss which resulted in shutting down of many businesses but the ones who managed to survive then are presently looking at doubling their profits. While everyone awaits for the International Retail Federation’s holiday forecast, Forrester is out […]

What is app-store optimization? Why you should consider ASO for your app

App store optimization is considered to be a process where the apps in an app store are optimized to rank higher and appear faster when searched. The higher the apps rank, the more visible they are to the people and increased visibility attracts more people towards the app. App Store Optimization, abbreviated as ASO, considers its main objective to drive more people towards the app so that people do the needful, this is, to download […]

The Balancing Act: How to Manage the Split Between SEO and Local SEO Strategy

Due to advancements in technology, there are plenty of ways through which you can reach out to the potential consumer is just commendable!! When someone wants to gather information about something then they go online. Now, the subject of the search will determine the result that Google will show. Google has all the right to display any website on top of SERPs. Here, SEO plays a major role. SEO is an imperative and evolving practice […]

Update Facebook attribution window and it’s explanation

While interacting with your Facebook ad, people can take several actions like visiting your website, purchase your product, or viewing your video. It is possible to keep a record of these actions. If your ad results in a conversion, Facebook attribution window will count it Ads Manager. To ascertain your campaign’s status and to know if you are reaching the targeted audience, it is imperative to possess this data.  You can think of the attribution […]

Google My Business updates in 2020

Still, people are waiting for the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. But the good news is that your target audience is emphasizing more on your Google My Business (GMB) updates, so use it to the fullest to keep your customers informed. As long as this pandemic is there in our life, offline shops are experiencing temporary closures and setbacks. It is good for offline businesses to update their GMB profile with relevant information that affects […]

Google Makes Shopping Ads Free Globally

Google is coming up with shopping ads free globally. This decision comes up because of the financial crisis due to this pandemic. This free listing is not just beneficial for retailers but numerous people who are now doing online shopping. With ads free shopping, Google displays more products in front of the people who actually need them. As per Google, this rollout has significantly enhanced the engagement between the consumers and merchants. A lot of […]

Changing Web Layout Can Affect Rankings- Google Core Vitals

As stated by Google, three user experience metrics are most likely to become the new search ranking factors. These metrics are visual stability, interactivity, and loading speed. Together they are known as the Core Web Vitals. Google will consider metrics like safety, security, friendliness, and lack of pop-ups as the new signals used for assessing page experience and making the final call to decide whether the page deserves to be raked.  These new metrics will not […]

Google data studio: the best way to showcase reports

Have you ever thought about how to display the report in a better way? If you are new or a seasoned official, you will agree that it all comes down to setting up measurement tools, cleaning and processing the data, turning it into relevant information, analyzing it, and extracting insights. Indeed, it is hard work, but you are not done with it until you can effectively communicate it to your audience. Ideally, you will want […]

What is a virtual Google business card and does it matter

Google is delighted to launch its virtual visiting cards for building an online presence. One will unanimously agree to the fact that many people are trying to create a strong online presence on the internet. Such people have been trying to establish themselves through websites and social media accounts for several years. On the other hand, some people have just started their journey and hardly have any online presence. They may not have any clue […]