Which one is better for my business SEO, PPC, or SMM. Well! These are some of the common questions which come in most of our minds. So, let’s have a quick discussion over this, for digging deeper.

PPC, SEO or Social Media – Which is right for you?

SEO – stands for search engine optimization

This is a technique for getting a better rank on the search engine result page through on-page and off-page optimization. Some of the common SEO services techniques include competitor analysis, keyword research, link building, and so on.

SMM – stands for Social Media Marketing 

This is a broad concept. It covers everything from blogging to YouTube, to marketing on various social media platforms. The main goal of this marketing is to engage the target audience, brand awareness, sales, thought leadership, and so on.

PPC – stands for Pay per click

It is all about advertising. The most common campaign of PPC is through Google Adwords. Most of the time, ads are placed on search engine result page for directing the customers on the company’s landing page.

Do all these things answered your queries? Are you ready to handle the marketing part of your business? Not really. Let’s now understand more about SEO, PPC, and SMM.

Why is SEO crucial?

Ask a question to yourself. How many websites do you see after searching for a particular keyword? Probably the first five, right? And here comes the role of SEO. Your website should appear in the top 5 list for gaining more traffic, more leads, and, ultimately, more revenue. SEO increases the reputation of your brand, as users trust the websites present at the top of the search engine page.

Why go with PPC? 

In a PPC campaign, everything is traceable. You need a good knowledge of the Google Ads tool with Google Analytics. You can get details of impressions, conversions, and clicks through the PPC campaign, thus easy to know the geographic location of traffic, gender, and age group. PPC allows users to know the revenue generated and the budget spent. Thus it becomes easy to know the profit.

Improve brand awareness with SMM

Social media is a quick and pocket-friendly way of reaching your target audience. You can engage your customers through various social platforms and know their pain points to address them with your products or services. Such type of advertising increases your brand reach, and your offerings can come in the priority list of customers if you entertained them properly.

Now, depending on your business profile, you should choose the perfect advertising platform. Let’s take a look at some businesses and which online platform they should choose for business promotion.

E-commerce sector: For e-commerce, you should go with all the three modes of advertising, I.e., PPC, SMM, and SEO. You might have seen a robust online presence of popular brands on social media. They usually launch pages on all social platforms to connect with their audience. Along with SMM, you should also go with SEO and PPC as people often search for products on search engines, and finding your website on the top can amplify the trust level of buyers.

B2B Business: B2B business should go with PPC and SEO. The product and services of B2B business are meant for only business class people, and SMM will not work in such a situation as you may not find a targeted audience on platforms like Facebook or Twitter. However, you can go on Linkedin to promote your B2B business.

Photography Industry: For such industries, SMM works well. Platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook can give you plenty of target audiences whom you can impress with your excellent photography skills by posting images regularly. 

Food industry: Again, this is a B2C market and social media platform, especially Facebook marketing is an ideal platform for building your brand and grabbing food-lovers attention through eye-candy content.

So, which one is a perfect match for my business?

All these three techniques, I.e., PPC, SEO, and SMM are powerful weapons for making your brand viral among the target audience. SMM requires creativity, and it has excellent search volume as compared to PPC and SEO. However, PPC allows you to get measurable results, which helps in making firm decisions. You can’t ignore the performance of SEO as being on the top of organic search results can fill your pocket with a lot of quality leads.

So, depending on your business profile (whether it is B2C or B2B), you can go with any of these three techniques. But, never forget to come up with engaging and creative content for posting on social media or on your website, as interesting content can convert a visitor into a buyer.

For getting better marketing results you can outsource SMM services, PPC services or the SEO one for focusing on your core business. As these professionals know which strategy can give the desired kick-start to your business.