App store optimization is considered to be a process where the apps in an app store are optimized to rank higher and appear faster when searched. The higher the apps rank, the more visible they are to the people and increased visibility attracts more people towards the app. App Store Optimization, abbreviated as ASO, considers its main objective to drive more people towards the app so that people do the needful, this is, to download the app. In order to process, ASO requires to know the target customers base of the app which includes the keywords with the same potential used by the customers to find apps of a similar kind.

There are a total of 4 million apps in all major app stores which makes it difficult for a person to make his app visible to the customers and according to Forrester, 63% of total apps are discovered by app store searches which makes a search in an app store the most used way to discover apps. ASO helps people to make their apps discoverable easily to the customers. ASO is like a discovery channel available for the apps made by the people. The majority of the app developers are unaware about ASO and the ones aware are having their apps running with an optimum speed.

Reasons for Using ASO for Your Apps

why ASO

1. Improved visibility and stand out between other apps

People won’t be able to download or use your app if it is not known by the customers no matter how good the app may be. If the app is not discoverable, you won’t be able to tell your success story to people and won’t get the fame you deserve. In order to avoid this, ASO makes your app easily discoverable and does not let your hard work go in vain.

2. Get high quality and relevant users

Apps will only be of use if discovered by relevant users and users who are in hunt that kind of an app. App Store Optimization gets you to the right users because it matches your app to relevant keywords. These are the search terms people will use to find the app. This will be the best use of the app for the customers and will eventually lead to a better goodwill of the app. Satisfied users provide good feedback and give better ratings which eventually helps the app to get discoverable to same kind of users.

3. Increased app downloads

Adopting a good ASO strategy will undoubtedly boost the download rate of the app and would also ensure long term results for the app. It is because when the correct keywords are used, ASO helps the users to instantly find the app when a customer searches something with similar keywords. Regular maintenance and updation of the app will keep the users satisfied. Increased download rate will set the stage high with the expectations that the customers will have for the app which needs to be met at every point to keep up the pace with other apps.

4. Increase app revenue and conversion rates

One can find numerous ways to monetize the app like in-app ads, in-app purchases, and subscription models. As a result, many app developers decide to bring in more ads in order to attract more customers and thus, gaining more revenue. However, the money spent for ads may turn out to be a waste of money if the app store listing doesn’t turn out to be convincing for the users and they decide not to download it. In order to tackle this problem, ASO as specially designed Conversion rate optimism which solves this problem and gets the users cut through and download the app.

5. Go global

Going global with the app is essential means to keep up with international languages and following up with their needs with the app. ASO has a special feature named Localization which enables the app to adapt to international languages and changes in regular intervals?

Just like ASO is for apps, there is another tool named Search Engine Optimization, abbreviated as SEO, which is for websites but posses the same objective and benefits keyword optimization, backlinking, and conversion optimization. The main differences between App Store Optimization and Search Engine Optimization are the ranking factors and also ASO is utilized for mobile apps whereas SEO is for websites. SEO helps with browser websites available in different search engines link google, Bing and web browser. It involves around 200 aspects and it seems that the list keeps on expanding with time. The list of ranking factors in terms of ASO seems to be much shorter as compared to SEO. However, people are still debating on which is better among ASO and SEO but in reality, both works in different zones but have the same work and its time to end the debate.


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