Tricks to Use Facebook Platform for Business Growth!

Marketing plays a key role in business growth. Being an Entrepreneur of start-up company it is important to have a good marketing strategy is essential for your business. Facebook platform for marketing, which helps brand awareness, brand loyalty, reach the target audience and increase web traffic and generate leads for the business.

Below are the few Facebook tricks to be used for business growth:

Tricks to Use Facebook

1) Facebook Business Page

Facebook page acts as a face of the business, it represents your company. It is required that all the fields of the Facebook page should be properly filled so that the visitors will able to connect with you. On Facebook page, you can connect with your target audience, followers and customers by giving relevant updates regarding products/services. You also post images, videos and content posts on the Facebook page, so the visitors will click and land on the website.

Your customers will see your page updates and will Interact with them by sharing your posts, links and images etc. This helps to build your business awareness and generate leads.

2) Run Facebook Contests

One of the best marketing strategies on Facebook is to host contests for the audience. Where you can run promotional ads or events for your target audience. This benefit to increase Facebook page likes, comments, and shares.
An engaging Facebook contest will help to engage users and capture their attention this will help to complete your business goal.

You can various contests like

  • Like and comment to win
  • Photo caption contest
  • Knowledge-based questions contest
  • User-generated content contest

3) Facebook Promoted Posts

Facebook gives us suggestions for boosting most engaging posts of your page. Where the page owner needs to pay to promote the posts where they show the posts in the timeline of the followers. This makes your post more prominent and there is a possibility of getting clicks on your posts. This will increase user engagement and traffic to your Facebook page & website. Promoting posts on Facebook will increase the visibility of your posts and reach.

4) Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising is also one of the option to build brand awareness, drive traffic and generate leads for your business. With Facebook advertising, you can target audience with its demographics, location, language, and interests, etc. You can set your daily budget and schedule ads according to your requirement.

With advertising, you can increase your posts and Facebook page likes. Facebook ads will be seen in the newsfeed. These posts can be shared in groups/communities joined by the customer.

5) Use Facebook Exchange

With Facebook Exchange(FBX), you can retarget the users with real-time bidding strategy on the Facebook. With FBX you can retarget the users by collecting their web history.
If any user visits your website and left the cart without doing a transaction. With the Facebook exchange, the same ad post will be shown to the user and you can influence them to buy the product/service left in the cart.

6) Reward Regular Facebook page Follower

You can reward your most faithful Facebook followers, who always likes, comments and shares your posts. This will build your business loyalty and will also encourage other users to interact with your page.

By using social media marketing services, you can increase your business growth and achieve business goal effectively with affordable spend.