Tricks to Rank Higher in Google Search Engine – SEO trends for 2018

As the number of online businesses is increasing in today’s era. Business owners are getting aware why SEO (search engine optimization) is important for their business growth. SEO is becoming a crucial factor to rank in search engine.

As we are heading towards 2018, SEO trends should be known by every SEO experts and business owners which will be beneficial to stay competitive and rank higher in SERP’s.

Following are the SEO trends that should be considered for 2018:

Voice Search

Say thanks to the technology, the latest trend of Voice search on our mobile devices. Now you don’t have to type your search query in the Google search box, because of Voice Recognition software used in Mobile devices. People just do voice search on their mobile devices for their queries and instantly you get relevant results for their voice search.

Prediction says more than 50% searches will be voice searches by 2020. Voice search is the considerable shift in search market of 2018. Everybody must be concerned about, what will be the approach towards an SEO strategy for this voice search. The major change will be we need to target on long tail keywords. Just keep yourself in place of customers and analyze what kind questions they can ask Google in a conversational manner.

In On-page SEO strategy you need to integrate your phrase keywords or long tail keywords mostly conversational tone keywords in the content. This strategy will help to rank higher in the search engines.

Mobile Friendly for Indexing

Most of the visitors visit your website through mobile devices instead of desktops. Website with mobile-friendly pages will boost their ranking in Google searches according to Mobilegeddon is one of the Google updates. If a website is not according to Google standards, it will affect website ranking.

SEO strategy for 2018 it is necessary to update your website with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). These pages load at the faster speed than regular mobile pages. Due to its quickness in loading time, user engagement increases with your web pages.

Quality Backlinks

Link building will again be the crucial part of SEO strategy in 2018. You need to build the strategy to develop new quality links. It’s always important to get quality backlinks from the websites which are relevant to your business niche. Your aim is to get quality Backlinks and not quantity. Quality backlinks will always help to drive organic traffic and to increase organic ranking.

Guest Blogging is one the strategy for link building, but you must make sure it should not be considered as spammy links. It is more about building relationships with quality brands.

User-Friendly Experience

It is again one of the important strategies for SEO savvies, to provide a user-friendly experience to their visitors. User-friendly experience is one of the important aspects that can increase user engagement with your website.

Your website should be designed keeping in mind how visitors will be interactive with your website.
1) Website content
2) Readability
3) Website Navigation
4) Visual Appeal

It is possible to have a stable position in Organic results, by implementing SEO trends efficiently. You can also outsource your SEO services to well known Digital Marketing Agency for better results. SEO experts from will maintain and increase your organic ranking this will influence organic traffic, brand awareness and lead generation for your business website.