Google algorithm update

Google SEO update is about to come which will focus on new Page Experience in June 2021. This new update will impact all the website owners and SEO resellers. Many websites will see an increase in traffic and clicks, while others may experience a drop in popularity on search engine pages. Be prepared for this update right from today so that your website will never suffer a loss with such an update. This new update comprises 5 Google SEO signals. Let’s know about all these five trends to make your website fit their criteria.

Google Page Experience Update in 2021

This experience is for the users, as through this update, Google is prioritizing more on user-friendly websites. This update is not focusing on content but the overall experience of the users from multiple devices. Content is king, but Google is also emphasizing the browsing experience.

Once the user clicks on the website, it should solve its purpose and be easy to navigate. Such things include mobile friendliness, loading time, and overall security, and all such factors are covered in the update.

Five ranking aspects of new Google update

Please don’t dive into website building immediately; know about the five vital factors for your website before creating it.

  • Core Web Vitals
  • HTTPS usage
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Secure browsing
  • No interfering Interstitials on mobile devices.

1. Core Web vitals

In this update, websites should focus on performance metrics to enhance user experience and keep an eye on Core Web Vitals. There are three metrics, namely Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), First Input Delay (FID) and Largest Contentful Paint (LCP).

2. Mobile-Friendliness

Irrespective of website size, company’s profile and end-users, your website should be mobile-friendly. You can work on this aspect through effective SEO packages.

3. HTTPS Usage

HTTPS certificate is pivotal for your website as it ensures users about their information safety and privacy.

4. Safe Browsing

Only an HTTPS certificate is not enough. Companies should ensure that there is nothing wrong with the website which can interrupt the users. Deceptive content, malware, and unwanted downloads are common issues that webmasters need to take care of.

5. No interfering Interstitials on mobile devices

In this metric, webmasters must ensure that the website is free from any interstitials that disturb the user experience. Their browsing experience should be hassle-free and non-spammy.

How to work on your website to follow the update?

All Google updates more or less resemble each other, and this update is not an exception. So follow the below pointers while developing your website to follow the upcoming release.

  • Mobile-friendly websites
  • Priority to privacy
  • Interfering Interstitials management.
  • Load time

1. Mobile-friendly websites

Webmasters should focus on websites, as they should give a smooth navigation experience from all the devices.

2. Priority to Privacy

This update has given priority to visitors’ safety. Along with HTTPS certificates, websites should check malware and unwanted downloads, which can spoil privacy.

3. Interfering Interstitials management

Webmasters should ensure that the pops should not show on the mobile when a visitor checks the website through the mobile. Such pops ups in mobile almost cover the whole screen, making it difficult for a visitor to read the content. Hence Google update wants such pop-ups to remain absent in mobile browsing.

4. Keep a check on website speed

Website speed is an important factor in website optimization. Websites should be fast, accessible and seamless to meet visitors’ expectations. In the current era, most visitors visit the website through mobile, and thus website speed becomes pivotal to retain their interest; otherwise, they may go to competitors’ websites. In addition, fast-loading websites have less bounce rate and rank better on search engine result pages.

How to know about Google algorithm updates?

Google updates can change the website ranking; hence you may see fluctuations in your website ranking if any update hits it. This will reduce the website traffic, conversation and ultimately revenue. Therefore, you should stay tuned to the latest search news to know about the recent updates and changes. Doing this will make you aware of the algorithm change and keep you updated about the SEO best practices.

Are you ready for the new update?

Well! You should be ready for it. It would be better to hire professionals to take care of your website ranking and update it as per Google protocols. You can look for an SEO company in India as these professionals know how to rank the website properly. Outsourcing them will allow you to focus on your core job.

If you follow the above Google updates 2021you will surely never get any hit from Google for not following the protocols. It is the major update that Google start rolling out in June 2021. Thus all the webmasters should align to this update to make the website survive on Google and get a better Google website ranking.

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