Over the past 10 years, social media has cemented its place in contemporary society and evolved into communities with diverse features. In the last decade, more than 3.2 billion people were active daily all over the world across different social media platforms.  It seems to have captured the imagination of the millennials as over 90 percent of them actively use at least one social media platform.  Moreover, it has been found that social media is a cost-efficient medium of creating awareness among the masses about new services and products. Hence, it is understandable why contemporary marketers have high expectations of reaping rich business rewards from the use of social media.  It becomes imperative on the part of social media marketing companies to anticipate the evolution of social platforms in the near future.

Social Media Marketing Trends

The domination of the video story

In the world of social media, the video has evolved to become one of the most dominating trends. Recent stats of Social Media Today indicate that more than 82 percent of internet traffic in 2020 will be intended for video content. Different platforms on the world of social media are researching innovative ways to optimize the priority of video content. Keeping pace with these development framers, of digital marketing solutions will try to cash on the potential of videos to accomplish commercial goals from specific market segments.

Emphasis on private interactions

As the list of our friends and followers keeps surging, there has been a growing concern about maintaining the integrity and privacy of information.  The use of messaging apps and private groups is gradually increasing. It is evident from the increasing popularity in the use of messaging apps like WhatsApp, Instagram Messaging, and Facebook Messenger.  These apps seem to offer a sense of security to the users by providing the option of creating intimate groups where it is safe to share detailed information.

Authentic content holds the key to social selling

Contemporary online surfers are sceptical about e-commerce social media stores. Unless they are sure that the vendor at the other end is genuine they will not dish out their credit card to close the sale. In this backdrop, the significance of user-generated and employee-generated content becomes critical. Ingenuity holds the bottom line.

The dominance of Nano in Influencer Marketing

The old adage in the world of influencer marketing “go big or go home” needs a serious reconsideration this time around.  The impact of Nano and micro-influencer will be a determining factor in creating a favorable impact on social media.

It’s true that the market for reputed names will not fade into oblivion but it will be a mistake to undermine the potential of micro-influencers with smaller but better-defined audiences.  They have the edge when it comes down to strong audience engagement and a higher level of personalization.  It is highly unlikely that users will make a choice in favor of a faceless brand over an influence with whom they feel more connected.


Social Media is more than a platform for advertising and marketing. Here, you can build a relationship with the audience by imbibing trust.  Its possibilities of profitable engagement with loyal and prospective customers are immense. Marketers can optimally utilize it to promote and communicate brand value. Marketers need to emphasize on exhibiting the humane side of a brand.  It will optimize transparency and help the audience to vest their trust in it. Chalking out meaningful ways to portray a sense of social responsibility and a deeper level of social interaction holds the key.