There is a striking difference between generating visits from your target customers and attracting organic traffic to your website. If you are wondering what the difference is, then you will feel amazed that it is cost. When it comes to convincing your consumers for a repeat visit, it will always entail a cost. It does not matter whether you are outsourcing or doing SEO in-house; you have to manage the variables of cost and time effectively or a combination of both. The final decision is highly circumstantial, and it will keep varying from one company to another. 

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing SEO Services

When you outsource your SEO, it may be possible for you to save on surplus expenses besides getting access to tons of expertise. On the outset, it may seem to be counterintuitive because hiring an SEO agency requires surplus capital when compare with in-house SEO. The truth is that hiring an in-house SEO expert will cost you around $51,000 per year if you take into consideration only the employee’s salary. Moreover, if you analyze the total cost of an in-house SEO professional, it will cost your business more than 25 percent more than their salary. It is so because you have to shoulder the responsibilities of providing employee benefits and related benefits. To sum it up, SEO specialists will cost your business around $64000 every year. 

When you outsource your SEO requirement, it will cost you around $5300 as a retainer. It shows that outsourcing your SEO requirements to an SEO company renders greater benefits. However, you have to be confident and be clear that you are outsourcing SEO to a reliable agency. If you wish to access every subfield’s varied strengths in SEO, then outsourcing can be a great way. They have the required workforce resources to suffice your requirements in the form of content marketers, PPC professionals, and SEO strategists who can help you with valuable insights to make your business prosperous. 

Agencies can make a proper budgetary plan depending on the strategies, which is going to have the best impact on your business. They can make the needed adjustments in the third party subscriptions and software tools for improving your rankings in Google’s SERP. On the other side, it will not be easy to decrease the salary of an in-house professional to free up costs that you can put to suffice other needs of your business. 

Pros and Cons of Hiring an In-House SEO Expert

When you hire an SEO expert for your business, you get desirable proximity of their services, complementing your business goals. They will be having a sound understanding of the best SEO practices and communicate the USPs of your product and service offering. In the end, it can be a major cause of discrepancy for outside firms. Your in-house SEO team can build a relationship of trust and cooperation with the team of developers, designers, content writers to deliver desirable and customized results.     

As mentioned earlier, hiring an SEO employee can be a costly proposition. Besides paying a salary, you have to take into account other costs like Social Security, Medicare, and employment insurance. Another fact that should be brought into light is the unique set of strengths and weaknesses of your SEO professional. For instance, keyword research and SEO writing can be a strength of the in-house team, but they may lag in link building and web development, which can prevent the achievement of desirable results. 

Is it worth outsourcing SEO at my company?

 The decision to outsource SEO or developing an in-house team is wholly preferential between budget and control. If you desire to have higher control and afford on a high budget, then having an in-house SEO team can be beneficial. On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget and can afford more flexibility in the control level, then outsourcing can be a viable option. There are two more considerations i.e., ongoing SEO services and One-time projects.

Ongoing SEO services

Effective SEO strategies that deliver desirable results are essentially ongoing services. Ongoing SEO agreements are structured in the form of monthly retainers necessitating a set contract length and cancellation notice. When you outsource SEO requirements on an ongoing basis, it will be inclusive of link building services, on-page optimization, content marketing, local SEO, and digital PR. If you operate in a highly competitive industry, then ongoing SEO services are highly desirable.

One-time SEO projects

One-time SEO projects are very uncommon. This option is recommended when you already have an in-house marketing team that can take care of your SEO needs but requires help in certain tasks. For instance, if your marketing team does not do guest posting, then you can outsource guest posting services.