51% of buyers use Google to look for the product before actually buying it. Also, as per Statista, 33% of buyers go with the organic search while 32% click on paid search for purchasing any product. Isn’t these statistics speaking up loud about the importance of digital marketing for your business? It’s the time to dip your hand in the digital era and come up with compelling digital marketing strategies which can keep you customers glued up with your brand.

Some companies are still reluctant to spend much on digital marketing advertising, and if you are among them, then probably you are fishing in a pond without bait! Your target audience spends most of their time on social media platforms and internet, hence grabbing their attention right on those platforms can give you a handful of quality leads which can convert.

Why invest in digital marketing in 2020?

It’s 2020 now, and online reputation has reached its zenith. So, only having a website is not enough, as your website is nothing like a helpless digital baby. It needs proper attention to grow and seek the attention of your target audience. Let’s take a look at some crucial points which can make you think about investing in digital marketing in 2020.

Internet expansion will continue in the coming years

On average, a buyer spends 6 hours on the internet, and this time will increase in the coming years. Internet is an efficient, yet cost-effective platform to popularize your brand, and it will overshadow other offline platforms soon. Digital marketing is persuasive and allows customers to know about the product, its reviews and specifications with few clicks, and this increases their satisfaction level.

Get Precise Audience

This is true, and you can’t deny this. Traditional marketing can’t segment audience like the digital one. There are tools available in digital marketing which can allow you to segment audience based on the product and target only those for getting quality leads. These tools consider geographic location and interest, so you can target only those who are really interested in your services.

It’s easy to track results

This is the most important aspect of digital marketing. By using all the available tools, it is possible to know which digital strategy is working and which needs some corrections to achieve the desired results. Through Google Analytics, it is possible to identify the digital platform from where you are gaining maximum traffic, and you can also know the traffic location, gender and age group of customers for precise targeting.

Brand awareness

You can’t ignore this. With an active social media profile, your audience will know better about your business. People who will come to know about your social media profiles through proper hashtags, and friend’s post. They may not buy the product right away, but when they need your product or services, your brand will be familiar to them.


This is an obvious thing and can’t be overlooked- come up with creative ads on social media and let your audience know about the sale and offers your brand is giving them. Make use of traceable code in your post, and you can keep an eye on how many people are clicking on your link and heading towards the final sales.

Engage with the customers

This is easy with digital marketing, as the internet allows companies to know what exactly their customers are looking. Hence they can come up with customized products and services to serve them in a better manner. Social media allows organizations to interact with buyers, know their opinions, likes and dislikes. Make customers your critics through online platforms, and this will help you to correct your mistakes. Take their advice and follow them sincerely.

Interacting with the clients on online forums and other online platforms will allow you to work on their problems and answer their queries instantly. This increases brand reputation and makes your business more accessible to customers.

Digital marketing is necessary not an accessory

Most of the companies have now started investing in digital marketing for adding quality leads in their pocket. If you are planning to hire digital marketing servicesthen you are on the right track. These professionals know which platforms will work for your business and how much budget should you invest in case of paid marketing for getting desired outcomes.

If you are new to digital marketing, then hire us and get time to focus on your core business. Our experts will set a campaign for your business and will track it for performing well in this digital world.