As digital technology is evolving, the use of digital marketing has also increased. It is one of the efficient tools to improve a company’s revenue with various SEO tactics. But, without essential techniques and strategies, it is tough to improve the company’s presence.

Hence, most businesses are not able to run successfully due to a lack of SEO skills. Thus, SEO or search engine optimization strategies are essential for a better future. This article is about an SEO case study related to SEO strategies for a web hosting service Provider Company.


Search Engine Optimization or SEO comprises three main strategies: On-page optimization, off-page optimization, and local SEO. To do the SEO of web hosting services, all three SEO strategies should be used.

On-page SEO

It is also called on-site SEO, and this strategy optimizes the content present on the website. The content includes Meta descriptions, keywords, headers, images, Meta titles and more. Below are some tips for on-page SEO.

Keyword research

  1. Look for the keywords which you want to rank on the Google page.
  2. Search for the keywords which are highly relevant, greater search volume with low competition.
  3. Once you know the desired keywords, optimize your landing page and headers as per that.

Metadata optimization

Through Metadata, search engines recognize the page content. Never forget to integrate relevant keywords in the Meta description and Meta titles so that your page will have greater chances of getting a better rank.

Start internal linking

Internal linking is URLs through which you link your website’s internal pages. Often you can attach these links with anchored text. You can integrate links on relevant keywords and link them with high-authority pages to make Google understand your website and make it more understandable to users.

Off-page SEO

This strategy of SEO happens in the backend. It is all about building trust and exposure for the company, which ultimately increases traffic on the website. Most of the work off-page revolves around link building. Link building implies getting links from the reputed websites to your website.

Quality link building practices

Guest posting

There are many blogs or publications which accept posts from other companies. Ensure that the site is matching with your company profile and is ready to give you a backlink.

Competitor research

Know your competitors’ backlink profiles. Know the websites from where they are getting quality backlinks and which site is allowing hyperlinks.

Help a reporter out (HARO)

This is an online service where many journalists require insights into specific industries. Offer them information regarding your profile, and they might give a backlink to your website in their article.

Local SEO

Local SEO strategy focus on a particular area rather than targeting the entire country or city. You can target a particular area or community to promote your offerings to local customers through this strategy.

Often the Google ranking of your website relies on your Google My Business Profile. On this page, you should mention your company address, name, description, photos and reviews. Google will check the relevance and prominence of your website as per the search query and rank your website if it meets the various requirements.


Our digital marketing company has served clients of different verticals and has helped them get a better ranking in the search engine result pages. Here in this article, we would like to share one scenario of our client who provides web hosting services but was not getting enough traffic on the website, which reduced the overall company revenue. The overall challenge in front of them was

  • Very less traffic
  • No conversation
  • The site was not correctly SEO optimized.
  • Technical errors in the website.
  • No keyword ranking

All such aspects need to be adequately addressed; otherwise, your online reputation will be hampered, which will ultimately lead to business loss. When the company approached us, we analyzed the complete website from an SEO point of view and discussed all the points with them. They were glad to see the experience of our team in this work and our transparency. We told our client about the technical issues in their website and about the steps we would take to resolve them.


Our team initially did complete research on the website, understood the improvement areas and came up with the plan of boosting its ranking through our excellent SEO strategies. To rank, any website, proper backlinks and customized strategies based on the business and targeted keywords are required. All such things were absent in our web hosting client’s website. Below are some of the changes we did to give their website a better rank on the search engine page.

  • We inserted appropriate keywords in the website, along with proper Meta descriptions and Meta tags.
  • Initially, the website contained poor backlinks. Our team gave quality backlinks to the website by doing guest posting on some reputed websites.
  • There were some technical issues in the website related to the load time. Our team reduced the load time of the website, which resulted in a reduction of bounce.
  • The website content was not correctly aligned and was not user-friendly. We took care of all such things, which reduced the bounce rate of the website.
  • We created customized strategies for the web hosting client and thus followed that strategy for three months to get the desired results.


With the implementation of productive SEO strategies, our client got the desired results. Below are some six months statistics showing the performance of our client’s website before and after outsourcing our services.

Coohandle seo hosting case study

Total Clicks

  • Before: 5.15K
  • After: 9.15K

Total Impression

  • Before: 27.7K
  • After:30.9K

Average CTR

  • Before: 18.6%
  • After: 57.7%

Average position

  • Before: 39
  • After: 42.2

All the above stats reveal the positive impact of our SEO strategies on the client’s website. We boosted the number of clicks, impressions, CTR, and website position to generate more revenue for our client. Such statistics show our SEO success storiesas our team of skilled professionals has allowed clients of different verticals to taste more revenue by enhancing their website’s traffic, CTR, impression, and website position.

Final Takeaway

Eluminous Technologies Pvt Ltd is a leading digital marketing agency. We are happy to say that with the combined efforts of our team, we were able to give a better ranking to our web hosting Client Company. We felt proud to discuss here our web hosting case studies. Instead of directly jumping into the work of SEO, we first understood the complete website of our web hosting client. We found out the causes of why they are not getting the desired organic traffic and the clicks on their website. To maintain transparency we kept our web hosting client updated about the strategies we implemented and they appreciated us for this thing.

Our B2B case study can be helpful for other business owners also, who are still thinking about outsourcing digital marketing services. Implementation of SEO strategies can give a new height to your business through more revenue if done efficiently.

Hope our b2b marketing case study is helpful for you!

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