With the advent of smartphones, computers have become a thing of the past. Entertainment, communication, and business can all be carried out conveniently and on-the-go on your smartphone. And what is a smartphone without Apps? These days there are millions of apps to cater to your every little need. From books to music to work to shopping, from finding a dating interface to playing online poker, there’s an app for everything. Every time you open your google play store, it is flooded with ads and new apps that pop up daily.

But from these tons of apps how do you ensure that your app stands out and piques the interest of the customer? This needs some hands-on digital marketing skills. Usually, it is a tedious process that involves creating promotional videos on YouTube, setting up display ad campaigns for the Play store as well as search ads. All in all, it is an exhausting process that needs you to simultaneously take care of a variety of things.

But now, to substitute the available mobile app install campaigns, Google Adwords has come up with a new update that brings a solution to your problems. It is a unified advertising campaign for your app that combines search, display, YouTube and Playstore promo campaigns. Known as the Universal App Campaign(UAC), you can use this new feature to actively promote and advertise your app on Google’s largest properties like YouTube, Google Play, Google Search, and display network.

In a UAC, the primary focus is on two things – Increasing App Installs and Driving In-App actions. Here’s looking at how UAC works and how you can best use it to boost your app.

successful Universal App Campaigns

Best practices while selecting UAC include observing and analyzing your app campaign to check how users engage with your app and try to track and observe all-important conversion events. It is also important to select the right action of the users which is valuable to your business(particularly while choosing In-App Action option). You can also optimize your campaign by changing bids and setting the target audience based on your location and services offered.

Out of all the Mobile App campaigns, UAC simplifies the process wherein all you have to do is link your app, provide clear and concise text ads that outline your business goals, preferably create and attach an interactive YouTube promotional video that highlights your features and in-app actions clearly in order to engage the clients, select your bid option, and you’re good to go.

Google will then use its existing predictive models and behavioral information of the users to pre-empt their choices and automatically create an ad campaign using your text ideas and videos to attract users to your app. It will mix up different techniques and show up your app ads on all its different platforms making them hard to miss and thus increasing your customer base. With over 6 Billion app Installs in the last year, UAC is a comprehensive approach to Digital marketing that’s here to stay.