You may have encountered remarketing many times on the internet. Google Ads is the most popular example of digital remarketing. In addition, you might have noticed ads on websites related to your previous search; those ads come under remarketing. Although remarketing is not a new concept, there are still lots of confusion among people about developing strategies for adding more leads in their pocket. In this blog, we will cover all such strategies.

Understand Remarketing or Retargeting and Their Benefits

Remarketing is a concept of marketing any product or service to a target audience who have already been exposed to that product. A tool such as Google Adwords and Facebook ads creates a JavaScript code for your site to remarket it. This code gathers cookies and labels new visitors. This allows companies to display their product ads to the visitors wherever they go online, as long as the site they visit supports ad service.

The primary benefit of remarketing is to boost up conversion rates. When a customer visits your website and doesn’t make any purchase, his chances of visiting the website again is low. But, through remarketing, when he sees the same product at a discounted price, his possibility of returning to the website and making purchases increases. This strategy allows companies to convert each customer into a lead by remarketing their products or an entire brand. This remarketing concept comes under digital marketing solutionsYou can take help from any SEO specialist to implement this strategy successfully for your brand.


5 Remarketing Strategies to Gain More Leads


Decide your target page

Which page would you like to tag? This is the first thing you should decide before remarketing your products. Those pages should be related to your marketing goals, as they will remain the same for your entire campaign. If you are looking for more sales, you can remarket your best-selling product pages to bounced visitors. Might be looking at those products again will compel them to buy.

Similarly, you can tag pages that will educate the audience about your company and products; this will nurture them and will help in increasing brand value. In addition, this will allow companies to get a good reputation for your brand; hence, when they finally purchase your product, they may go for high-end products and become your loyal customer.


Remarketing campaign segmentation

It will be better if you segment your remarketing campaign to different people. You should accept that not all visitors will be interested in your products. To know which product is interesting to them, you must gather information about their time spent on the website and the number of viewed and visited pages.

For instance, if your product is pet food, you should create a different campaign for dog food and cat food buyers. This strategy will allow you to target the audience more directly and help them to address their needs efficiently.

Come up with different call-to-action statements and use them for goal-based pages. Keep track of conversion rate to check the outcomes and change the strategy as per need.


Shopping carts and abandoned carts need more bids

This is the mantra to increase conversion rate; use remarketing strategies in the shopping and abandoned carts. Such customers are already interested in your products and are only one step away from the purchase. Target them through remarketing once they leave that pages and remind them about your products to complete the purchase. Such visitors are very close to the conversion and are called warmer traffic; it is better to set a high budget to achieve the desired return over investment.


Don’t spend much on the home page and other similar pages

Play smart, and decrease the budget for those visitors who are bounced from your home page; they are less likely to be interested in your products. Visitors bounced back from the home page are less sales-oriented than those who bounced back from the shopping cart. However, you should never stop doing remarketing for such visitors. Spend more time to nurture them and send them to the pages containing more information about your products.


Give discounts to repeat visitors or product page viewers

Another effective strategy is to offer discounts or coupons to those who repeatedly visit your website or view particular product pages. If they are coming back continuously, it shows they are interested in your products, offering them a 10% discount coupon might convince them for the final step of sales.

Through remarketing, they will see your ads online, but the rate will be less with discounts. This will enhance the chances of sales. In addition, remarketing for those customers will help brand awareness, converting them from one-time buyers to repeat customers.


Wrapping up

Remarketing can become the most powerful weapon in your arsenal if used efficiently. You can choose any of the above strategies for your brand, but always remember to make changes in the strategies as per your business to get maximum outcomes.