In contemporary times, businesses and eminent personalities cannot undermine the importance of Instagram marketing skills for optimizing reach, engagement, and discoverability. You have to come to terms with the fact that the techniques utilized for optimizing your SEO services hold the potential of improving your featured content and profile discovery on Instagram. 

Optimize Your Instagram Profile Search

It is possible to use the search bar on top of the explore page to discover and find locations, hashtags, and accounts. The displayed search results are based on several factors like the people you follow, your connections, the videos, and photos you like on Instagram. It should be remembered that they are also based on keywords. Analogous to the search query on Google, Instagram sorts through millions of accounts for finding the most useful and relevant results that you are looking for, i.e. accounts that contain the keyword.

 For example, you are hoping to rank for the keyword candle. In this backdrop, you must stress the incorporation of that keyword in the username and your profile name. Both of these terms can be searched on Instagram. It is also important to remember that, like the name field, you need to optimize your bio with your brand and business keywords. Adding clickable hashtags into your bio will boost the chances of appearing not just in search results but also if someone searches for the hashtags tool. 

Treating hashtags like Keywords

Make sure to use targeted and relevant hashtags on your posts and stories. It is indeed one of the best ways of being discovered by new audiences on Instagram, which will benefit you in the form of better engagement, surge in followers, and generate more leads for your business. If you have a public Instagram account, you can add hashtags to the post so that it is visible on the corresponding hashtags results page. 

The purpose of hashtags is to enhance is to make you discoverable. If you can use appropriate hashtags, you can see your target audience even if they have not connected with you before. One thing that you need to keep in mind is your Instagram hashtags strategies do not have to be complex. You must test and track your efforts so that you can check what is working and what does not. 

Write descriptive captions 

Instagram posts are indeed searchable via location and hashtags. However, you have several ways in your disposition of optimizing your content’s discoverability on the Instagram Explorer Page, like writing descriptive and relevant captions. 

You need to write descriptive captions for your industry or business. Instagram will pick up that and provide you with relevant accounts. When you use relevant and descriptive keywords in your Instagram caption, there is more chance that you will appear on the explore page of users who keep interested in related topics with keywords. 

Creating your alternative text

The latest feature of Instagram is the alt text that will permit you to write alternative custom text to add a more detailed description of your photos. Originally, this feature was designed for users who are visually impaired. Fortunately, it can also be used for SEO. It is now possible to create a custom alternative text when you upload a photo to create a cleaner description of your post. 

Get tagged

Getting tagged is another factor that can complement your profile discovery on Instagram. These are tags and mentions. Indeed these are difficult to control. On Instagram, they serve you like backlinks on a web page. When your account is tagged in an individual’s stories and posts, then other users can click through your profile. No doubt, it is an excellent way of driving discovery. There are different ways through which you may increase the chance of being tagged. However, the most effective way is to create useful content that others will want to share. 

For this purpose, you can share posts of other users on Instagram. These posts will serve you as clickable stickers creating a backlink to the original Instagram post. Moreover, the original posters’ user name will be displayed that will serve you to acknowledge the contributors to user-generated content. 

Track your instagram reach

Instagram insights is one of the most important aspects of Instagram marketing. Suppose you have upgraded your account to a business profile or creator account on Instagram. In that case, you can learn from the insights about your followers and the people with whom your business is interacting on Instagram.

Optimizing your profile on Instagram to make it discoverable is a derivate of different factors, as discussed in this article. It will take time and continuous effort to get desirable results, which will benefit you in the end. Patience is a virtue hereand there are no shortcuts.   

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