The adoption of mobile personal assistants is growing rapidly as search engines move to voice search. Migration has already on the roll, but there is another interesting phenomenon to note. SERP has changed dramatically in the last two years. Because Google has introduced new features (Snippets Hot, Label Lines, Hot Snippet Filter Bubbles) that appear in the “Page View,” these features allow you to see what your voice search looks like. This article focuses mainly on knowledge cards and explains why it is important and how you can achieve it. There has to be a system in the course of its implementation and not just go about throwing a stone in the darkness. Lining up executable strategies based on varied responses holds the key to unleash the power of knowledge panels in SEO.

What is Google’s Knowledge Panel?

Google Knowledge Panel

This is how Google’s knowledge panel looks like. But what is it and how to get one?

Suppose you are wondering how to get a knowledge panel. In that case, you must know that the knowledge panel is a feature that Google uses to provide you with fast and reliable information, whether it is personal information about your brand or a company trademark. For example, in the example above, you can see this for the query “Who is Gennaro Kupopno” in the US search results. Google provides a unique section (left) and dashboard (right).

Recommended excerpts strive to provide actionable answers quickly. Information labels are designed to provide more information about trusted answers (from more trusted sources) and their branding. In many cases, information cards are also “commercial features” that allow brands to monetize their products. For example, you can see how my knowledge card describes a book I previously purchased on Amazon.

The space in the SERP, referred to as “view without scrolling,” has become the most important asset on the web. Google’s first page is still the target of most companies, but the features that appear on search results pages, even before they reach the first page, increasingly consume their motivation for voice search traffic. This is also true.

Knowledge Card: The main component is the Google Knowledge Store

As Google shows:

When a user searches for a business on Google, the box to the left of the search results may display information about that business. The information in this box is called an information card and helps customers find and contact your business.

In most cases, there are two main types of information cards.

· Brand Panels

· Local Panels 

Brand boards provide general information about a person or company’s trademark, while local boards provide local information instead. In the example above, you can see how the local board provides the local business address, opening hours, and phone. In short, Google provides this contact between you and your local company.

Where does Google get information from the knowledge board? Google itself defines that “dashboards are backed up with information on knowledge graphs.”

What is the knowledge graph?

In 2012, Google began creating a “huge semantic index” for the web called the Knowledge Graph. In short, knowledge graphics are a logical way to organize information online. Until now Google could not rely on the direct meaning of words on web pages, but using the knowledge chart search engines collect information on the web and use simple logical expressions called triplets (for example, they can be organized based on “I am Jenaro” or “I know C” Naru “). Jason “).

These threes have a logical relationship based on which they are combined, and these relationships have their roots vested on that defines the possible relationship. In this way, it is possible to link two people defined as the type of entity “people” using a property known as “know.” This is a way to explain to Google that two people know each other.

Is it worth getting an information card?

Information cards are not only a way of voice search, but also a free traffic hack. It is interesting to see how most of the traffic on Wikipedia comes from Google’s knowledge board. Of course, Wikipedia is a reliable and trustworthy site. Besides, one of the results of the datasheet may be a search called without clicking (not necessarily clicking from the search results page).

However, now, knowledge cards are an excellent opportunity to get certified traffic from research and prepare for voice search.

How do you get a knowledge panel?

· Enable cross-referencing of data with additional chart properties

· Check if you have a free base ID

· Use graphing and structured data

· Create an item using Wikidata

· Create a Wikipedia page

· Main socket

As research progresses toward SEO, so does the built-in content view. Google SERP adds features like feature sections and knowledge cards to capture a lot of traffic. Therefore, as a company, individual, or company, you need to understand how to gain momentum through the knowledge panel. The key is Google’s knowledge graph, which leverages Google’s knowledge safe.