Still, people are waiting for the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. But the good news is that your target audience is emphasizing more on your Google My Business (GMB) updates, so use it to the fullest to keep your customers informed. As long as this pandemic is there in our life, offline shops are experiencing temporary closures and setbacks. It is good for offline businesses to update their GMB profile with relevant information that affects their business. Let’s take a deep dive into GMB updates and how your business should benefit from these new changes.

New Features of Google My Business Update 2020

1. Temporarily closed

This feature has allowed bricks-and-mortar shops to make their customers aware that they are closed because of the pandemic and resume their operation once the situation becomes normal. Inform your customers about temporary location closures just like a seasonal shop selling woolen clothes remain closed in summer. This pandemic has made Google come up with this much-needed feature. You can also use this feature post-pandemic in the condition mentioned above.

2. Removal of Google post chain restrictions

Post with Google features allow users to make customers aware of any special events, offers, hours change, or location changes. Earlier, Google had restricted this option for those chains that had more than 10 locations. These chains were unable to do Google posting automatically across various locations. Considering the current pandemic situation, Google has removed this restriction, making it easy for businesses with multiple locations to keep their customers informed about the critical updates.

You should take advantage of such a situation before it ends. Inform customers about holiday sales, promotions, and other events. Let the customers know the protocols you are following to keep them safe in the pandemic.

3. COVID-19 post type

You can post any information about COVID-19 on your GMB. Once done, this information will appear at the top, notifying the customers that it is related to the pandemic, which has affected your business. Such a post becomes more prominent than other posts. Suppose on Tuesday you have mentioned a COVID-19 related post, and on the next day, you come up with some offers for your customers. The pandemic post will remain at the top always and will remain there throughout the pandemic situation.

4. Update regarding Local service Ad attribute

There are businesses that have done great in local business SEO. But to sustain in current situation these service-based companies such as plumber services, home maintenance services need to inform their customers about the measures they take to keep them healthy during their visit to this pandemic. Fortunately, Google Ad attribute has made it possible for such businesses to share their COVID-19 related information with the customers. If you are taking advantage of this feature, ensure that you have capitalized on these attributes to win customers’ trust.

5. Benefits of COVID-19 links to telehealth

One of the first things most healthcare industries told their patients is to stop coming to the hospitals until and without an emergency. All such measures were taken by considering the health risk. Fortunately, Google understood such things and allowed the health care sector to put their status on GMBs and give online care options to many patients. Such an option has given some relief to the health care sector. If you are running a hospital, then put this feature to work for retaining your patients.

6. Update Secondary Hours

Google has allowed businesses to update their secondary hours on GMBs. For example, if a grocery person is keeping his shop open for extra hours to satisfy the special needs of customers, or if a retail store is giving an hour extra to senior citizens. Now, they all can update such secondary hours on GMBs. This feature is quite demanding and is going to remain post-pandemic.

7. Visual content through GMBs

While availing of all the features mentioned above of GMBs, don’t forget to avail of the most important feature, which is visual content. Visuals speak more than the content. Google provides a facility to upload the images of your business is on GMBs. Below are some advantages of such things:

  • Show the safety measures taken in your company, like employees wearing a safety mask, gloves, etc.
  • Show how you do business in the pandemic. For example, customers’ images maintain social distancing or customers in restaurants, maintaining a gap of six feet.
  • Upload pictures of greeting customers with a smile, a warm smile is shining even through the mask.
  • Make a video of your service. Show customers how your location has adapted to this pandemic and provide a safe and pleasant experience to customers.

Final Words

A long way to go for the situation to become free from COVID-19, and this is true. Businesses need to emphasize other options to sustain themselves in the current situation. But the positive thing is that your customers are paying attention to GMBs status to know about your business status. So take maximum advantage of this feature and operate your business in the way it is supposed to be.

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