In social media marketing services, Facebook Advertising is the most efficient and result driven platform for businesses which helps to build your business brand and increase revenue.

Why Facebook Advertising?

  • Customers spend most of their time
    Most of the customers spend most of their time on Facebook. Businesses can use Facebook Advertising to target users by demographics, location, interests, behavior etc.
  • Brand Awareness
    Facebook Ads help to build your brand, more the brand awareness more the customers will be familiar with your services/products.
  • Increase revenue and sales
    Facebook helps businesses to increase their traffic to their website, generate leads and sales of their products/services.

Tips to Efficiently manage Facebook Advertising

  • Use Power Editor

If you are not using power editor in Facebook advertising, then you are wasting your efforts in advertising. We use an Ads manager to set up the new campaign, and sets etc instead use Power Editor. Power Editor allows you to make bulk changes in the account. i.e. you can create, edit, pause and duplicate ads across multiple campaigns all at once. The changes made by you save in draft before uploading, this will help you to make any required changes before it goes live.

  • Facebook Marketing Strategy

It is very important to have a marketing strategy for running successful ads on the advertising platform. As you know that Facebook tries to push products/services ads, which we are not aware of it, this may irritate you. It is important to have a proper marketing strategy. Brand awareness is important before selling something online so plan accordingly.

  • Use Descriptive Campaign Name

Write a clear and descriptive campaign name. The objective of the campaign should be the name of the campaign. Write in a descriptive manner with clear goal and objective of the campaign. For example, if you are running a campaign for the United States for generating leads and leads should sign up your lead form, then name the campaign like Lead Form Sign up for the United States. This gives clear idea what the campaign is all about, this makes it easy to find out what’s wrong with your campaign and steps should be taken.

  • Use Segmentation

An advertiser should always do proper segmentation of the business. For example, if you have an online business for women’s and men’s clothing. You need to do segmentation for women’s and men’s clothing set two ad sets and creative, one targeting men and other women. This will help you to analyze what is working and driving revenue to your business. Facebook also allows to do split testing, i.e. variables are available for doing split testing like target audience, delivery optimization, placements, and creatives. This will help to analyze which type of strategy is working and beneficial for your business.

  • Ads Placements

It is important to opt the right Ad placement for the campaign. Your ads can be seen by an audience who are using Facebook Messenger, Instagram and audience network. Below is the option where your ads can be placed on the Facebook. Instagram is the growing platform where one can promote the business


  • Right column
  • In-stream videos
  • Instant Articles
  • Feeds


  • Feed
  • Stories


  • Home
  • Sponsored Messages

     Audience Network

I would say it is quite difficult to optimize Facebook advertising. As Facebook has the diverse targeting option and a massive user base. Having a massive user base is the great fact of advertising. Advertising goals can be achieved only if you know how to optimize and reach the right target audience, the people who are interested or searching for your products/services.

In social media marketing, Facebook marketing is the most proven one to grow your business. If you use proven marketing strategies then Facebook advertising is not hard to be used and with this right approach, you can achieve your Facebook marketing goal.

To accomplish your business goal, one can outsource social media marketing services to renowned and efficient Digital Marketing agency, who will take care of all your Facebook advertising.