The global pandemic of COVID 19 has brought some serious challenges to humanity and its endeavors. However, there is still hope. 

The worst hits are the commercial and business enterprises right from the grocery stores to MNC. The racks in grocery stores that were once filled with consumers’ products are all empty, and people’s favorite dining spots seem to be like a ghost town with not a life to show around. 

The circumstances demand that communities cooperate with each other. People ardently require more support, understanding, and educational resources. Digital marketing can provide just that and can be a potent instrument when implemented and executed correctly. If you are a business owner, you will want to find out digital marketing hacks that can help your business to see through the global crisis of COVID19 safely.

Ways To Optimize Your Digital Marketing During COVID 19

1. Use cutting edge tools

 You can be generous by contributing to food banks or assist the aged with shopping for groceries. You can promote your CSR activities through Digital marketing. Likewise, you can learn to use digital marketing tools that are meant for SMBs such as Forbes8, which is a seven-day trial on the Forbes8 platform. Right now, there is plenty of on-demand content that you can use for digital marketing. Besides, you can use platforms like that is assisting SMBs with expertise in collating digital marketing assets and resources. 

2. Communicate effectively to ensure that people can find you on the internet

Over the past few months, online resources are consumed extensively like never before. The time demands you to be bold and not play from backstage. Put forward take SEO i.e., Search Engine Optimization seriously so that you can climb at the top of Google’s SERP. It is not the time for business to go into a shell and play the waiting game. You must understand that people’s needs and necessities have not come to a standstill. Hence, be prepared to experience a surging demand for your product service offering when you implement SEO tactfully.

3. Pay Per Click advertising

The time is now right to focus on PPP advertising as people are spending most of their time indoors in front of the computer monitor. It presents a profitable chance to make savings in your digital market budget. The average cost of PPC has gone down by as much as 6 percent. The amount of money that a publisher has to pay will keep going down over the coming few months. Right now, you have the opportunity to make up for the market share that you have lost so far. 

4. Gain an advantage over competitors   

White Hat SEO can help you to increase traffic to your website organically and get the better of competition. It would be best if you did the needful to get featured on the first page of Google’s SERP and also at the top of the list. It can only be done through tactical optimization strategies. If you fail to enrich your website with new content, you have to endure a free fall of your page rank that can be quite costly. 

5. Collaborate for the bounce back surge  

As communities worldwide will gradually build up Herd immunity for the virus, the pandemic will finally cease to exist. As a result, normalcy will return, and consumer spending habits will stabilize. You need to understand that SEO is a long term strategy that you have to work on steadfastly for getting the desired results, and teams need to collaborate in this endeavor. Starting from the content writers to online bidders and digital marketers need to work together as a team. The extent of organic traffic directed towards your website is undoubtedly the outcome of the SEO campaign that you have undertaken over the past few months. 

6. Capitalize on the opportunities

We are going through a hard time, but it has its share of chances. The stage is set correctly to portray the humane side of your organization. Provide a discount to your customers through special offers. Many people are tirelessly searching the internet for discounted products. So you can stabilize your revenue earnings by engaging your customers. You can put forward your special offers through PPC advertising and social media.

7. Give priority to local SEO take your online revenues on a serious note

There are many countries which gone to total lockdown to prevent the community from spreading of the Coronavirus. If ever people leave their house, they do it for essential services and supplies. Your company needs to focus on near me searches and make sure that your business is using local SEO strategies. People are in-general searching for more convenience these days, and thus it provides your company an excellent chance for assisting individuals and families. 


In this trying time, you need to create a positive brand image for your product or service. Given that people are physically isolated, digital marketing is the befitting option for out to millions and garnering the positives of your product and service offerings.