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Web Hosting IndustryDigital Marketing for
Web Hosting Industry.

Web hosting is a highly competitive business. Brands that started out early captured a large part of the hosting market, thus leaving out very little for new entrants. This was, and continues to be, unfair to upstart hosting providers who offer better and cheaper services than incumbents but fail to garner business because not enough hosting customers know about them.

It’s exactly this visibility problem that we, here at eLuminous Technologies, address for your hosting business. Our SEO for your site harnesses a specially created combination of SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMM (Social Media Marketing), Paid Advertising and Email Marketing to boost your visibility in search engine results. This inevitably increases your website.

While designing and executing a digital marketing plan for you, we also rely on the 12 years of experience we have in working with hosting companies of different sizes. Our strategy is focused towards differentiating you from your competitors. We further segregate and target potential customers according to their hosting needs. For instance, are they looking for shared hosting or dedicated hosting? Do they need a Windows Server or a Linux Server? Do they prefer managed hosting or unmanaged hosting?

Using this information, and armed with a custom designed SEO service for the hosting business, we boost your web presence and increase your visibility exponentially.

  • Shape 10+ Years of Experience in Hosting Business Promotion
  • Shape Focus on Creating Brand Awareness & Improving Lead Generation
  • Shape Guaranteed & Quick Ranking Even for Competitive Keywords
  • ShapeResult Oriented Approach
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is Massive.

Which is Why You Need to Highlight & Promote Your USP.

  • white tickWe define your USP – Unique Selling Proposition, as the first step in creating a digital marketing plan for you.
  • white tickIncreasing your web presence is all about ensuring more people reach your website and use your services. We achieve this by implementing excellent On-Page and Off-Page SEO.
  • white-tickOur digital marketing team is well-versed with the technique of online marketing and the art of customer acquisition.
  • white-tickWe are different in that we provide customized digital marketing services to each business segment. Every business has its unique challenges, which also means a unique marketing plan is needed to overcome them.
  • white-tickSince our inception in 2006, we have worked on the branding and ranking of more than a dozen hosting business websites and achieved a sustained Top 10 position for every single one of them.