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How Do You Like the
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Digital Marketing SolutionA Complete Digital Marketing Services.

is one that successfully answers each of the questions explained below.

How Do You Measure the Effectiveness of Your Digital Marketing Campaign?

As a digital marketing solution provider, our top concern is to not only design and execute a digital marketing strategy for you but also monitor it rigorously. Once we deploy content that is created to enhance your web presence, we use a host of tools to track its results. These include metrics like how many visitors it drew, how did the visitors respond, was it successful in converting them etc.

How Do You Determine Which Search Terms/Keywords to Focus On?

Our web marketing service professionals have a thorough understanding of how search engines like Google operate. It also helps that they are all certified by Google itself. The crux of our digital marketing plan for you rests on unearthing the right keywords related to your website. We concentrate on keywords that offer a high probability of driving traffic to your website.

How Do You Create Content for Search Optimization?

Probably the most vital component of any digital marketing strategy, good content is a proven way of generating quality traffic for your website. We have a team of writers who are skilled at using words in an evocative and attractive manner that is also SEO friendly. In other words, the content that our writers produce is loved by not only the search engines but the readers as well.

How Do You Integrate Search Optimization with Other Aspects of the Digital Marketing Strategy?

While structurally different, there are many areas where search optimization and paid marketing complement each other. For instance, content that is written for improving search visibility is often based around keywords that are discovered using AdWords. Similarly, search optimization data is helpful in assisting with paid marketing when the budget is limited. Used in the right way, both techniques can complement each other seamlessly.

What is Your Approach to Securing More Links?

The key to securing good quality links is simple – offer value in associating with you. We approach leaders and influencers in your industry/niche with requests to link back to your website. However, you can’t expect a favorable response in the absence of any value. And the simplest way to offer value is by offering quality content in return for a backlink. Our in-house writers and link-builders do just that, which amplifies organic traffic to your website.

After the Initial Round, What Services Do You Offer on a Monthly Basis?

Certain SEO companies tend to begin the initial round (picking search terms, writing copy, creating reports, getting a few backlinks) with a bang, followed by very little activity in the subsequent months. Moreover, they charge you a bomb as monthly fees for this. We, however, treat your digital marketing campaign as an ongoing activity. This means we create content, secure valuable links and monitor competitors regularly. Letting up is just not our thing.

How Can Clients Follow the Progress of their Marketing Campaign?

We are one of the few SEO services in India offering preformatted reports to keep track of your digital marketing plan. Generated month-on-month, these reports offer deep insights into how your campaign is faring and what are you areas of strength and weakness. Created in a viewer-friendly manner with lots of infographics and simple lucid content, these reports are also completely confidential and meant for your eyes only.

What Does Success Mean to You?

As one of the top digital marketing agencies in India, we aim to create value for the client, i.e. you. Our relationship with you is based on sustained and measurable improvements in your web presence along with an associated increase in your sales and business. We highlight your USP and ensure the world knows how you are different from the competition. In other words, we succeed when you succeed.