Why to Create an Editorial Mission for Digital Marketing?

What are the problems my audience is facing?

What are the solutions that they are looking for?

What gap can I fill with my content?

Do you believe that people will buy from you if they trust you? Would you like to solve peoples’ problems and then begin with the sales pitch? Yes! Content marketing has become a necessity for building relationships with your online audiences. Content marketing is not a new concept. It has been in use for a long time and its usefulness and the impact has been well documented from John Deere work. A unique voice with quality content is the hallmark of an emerging brand and sustainable business.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is simply sharing useful and desirable content to your target audience for free that can help them improve their lives and then begin with the sales pitch. It is all about building relationships with your audience and becoming an authority in their eye before selling them anything.

Since content marketing is a part of digital marketing it is very necessary to have an infallible strategy to execute it.

What is an editorial mission and what is the need for it?

When you are all set to deploy content marketing in your online marketing you need to have a goal.  An editorial mission is simply a documented statement which reminds you of the goal of creating valuable content and sharing it. It is the answer of the question—“what is my goal I want to achieve with my business?”

The sole purpose of creating an editorial mission is to keep all the people in your organization aware of the message your company is propagating. It keeps content production focused on a target and keeps all the people who are involved in content marketing on a common goal—that is marking people’s lives better with your content.

The advantages of having a documented Editorial Mission Statement for content marketing:

  • It helps you figure out who you are trying to reach

Figuring out who you are trying to reach is the primary thing to work on. As a content marketer, you have a message and helpful content for a specific group of people. For making a maximum impact you need to reach out to exactly those people who are looking for the help you are providing. An editorial mission helps you to figure out who you are trying to reach and over that it keeps you alarming about the editorial mission every time you seem to distract.

  • It helps you stay on the track

Creating content and then delivering it to the right audience is a highly focused effort. Editorial mission helps you be on track all the time during the marketing process. If you don’t have an editorial mission you will create content on random topics and deliver it to the wrong audience which will harm your business in the long run. An editorial mission statement helps you save time and energy that can possibly be wasted on inappropriate efforts.

  • It helps you create influence fast

Since editorial mission helps you focus on the exact message you want to deliver to the wider public, it will help you create influence fast. Since it is the precursor to paid product or service it will help you create an aura of your brand in the online market. You become an authority by providing valuable content in the area your target audience wants. Content marketing demands to provide a genuine help and when the audience senses your genuine intention, you create influence fast.

How to create an editorial mission?

You can easily create an editorial mission by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Who is my core target audience?
  2. What are the deliverables that I want to create and provide?
  3. What outcome did I want to produce for the audience?

An example of the editorial mission statement from Digital Photography School:

A website with simple tips to help digital camera owners get the most out of their cameras.”