Website ranking and performance does not depend only on SEO and web content. It also depends on the server on which your website is hosted. Webmasters have understood the significance of best web hosting in the recent years. Your website can face low rankings despite having good SEO if you have a low performing server or a server with incompetent configuration. No wonder Google and other search engines attribute performance factors related to hosting as important ranking factors. Let’s see how a good web hosting improves your SEO rankings.

Best Web Hosting Supports SEO for a Higher Ranking?

Why is SEO ranking important for your business website?

Search engine optimization is a technique that boosts website ranking in search engines. SEO ranking is a very important factor for your business website’s visibility and branding. Higher the ranking of the website more will be the traffic landing on your website, hence more the traffic more will be the conversions. As every business owner wants customers, who can find their services/products and increase their revenue by buying their services/products. SEO helps to increase brand awareness about your business on the internet, this increase customers reliability and exposure to your business.

How to improve your SEO ranking?

There are two ways to improve SEO ranking:
1) Outsourcing SEO services of your business website to a well-known digital marketing solution provider.
2) To adopt the most reliable web hosting service providers.

Provided your site has a very good SEO having the best web hosting is what you need to improve its performance and ranking.

How the best web hosting impacts your SEO ranking

Using all SEO tactics is important for higher rankings, but the web hosting service, the server on which your business website runs also impacts your SEO ranking in search engines. Below are the points that will help you understand how web hosting will affect your website performance.

1) Page Loading Speed

If your site takes time to load there is a high possibility that the visitor exits your website without waiting for it to open. That is a big loss because you are losing onto precious visitors. If you are struggling to build an audience base it is important that every visitor gets to see your website. That is a part of the user experience and for that reason Google considers it to be an important ranking factor. Ideally, your website should load within 3 seconds in the browser.

Having a high bandwidth hosting server gives faster loading pages. The better it is if you go for unmetered bandwidth servers. A reliable hosting service makes the difference. If the web hosting provider is not using updated software, dedicated server 24X7 tech support it will affect your page speed.

2) Website Security

As your website is the brand identity of your business, any customer will first interact with the website. If your website is not secured from cyber-attacks you have to compromise with website visitors and client relationships. Malware attacks can be of different types like stealing the customer critical information like credit card details, customer name and email addresses. This security threat will affect customers trust on your website. That will ultimately affect your ranking.

A Website can be blacklisted by the search engines if it is affected by any of the malware. This will result in your website wiped out from the search results. It is important to remove all the malware from the website, this will be assisted by the web hosting providers. Getting the best web hosting from a renowned provider who assists clients in case of malware or other cyber-attacks can help you resolve such problems fast. That will increase the security and the trustworthiness of your website.

3) Technical issues with the server

Google is always in search for indexing new content on your website. If Google finds an issue in accessing your website, this will affect your search engine ranking. Lower the rank, lower will be traffic on your website. The main concern of Google is to give best possible results whenever a user searches for their query. Technical issues can make search engine crawlers unable to crawl your website. If such issues arise from the backend of the server and hosting software. The best hosting provider can help you keep out of such troubles.


SEO and quality hosting are equally important for website performance.  Management of website speed, security, and traffic improve website performance. It is necessary to get services from a best web hosting provider who leases you one of the finest servers with 24/7 support. That can help you add to the power of SEO you have done on your website.