Social Media is ever-evolving every day. New updates for each app are waiting for you to enter the Wi-fi zone. From Twitter to Instagram, From Quora to Snapchat, every social media is rebuilding, restructuring and re-engineering its app/website to engage more and more users every day. 2017 brought tremendous changes in social media. The meaning of a story changed completely for everyone. Earlier while everyone had a story, now everyone is on a story! With New Year all the social media platforms are all geared up to bring new things to your mobile.

Best 8 Social Media Trends to Watch Out for

1. Twitter changes:

Twitter was one of the most popular social media websites after its inceptions. Now with the introduction social media like Instagram and Snapchat, Twitter has been losing out on its daily users. The top management at Twitter is head storming to look out for new features to increase the engagement on the Social Media. There’s a lot on Twitter to watch out for.

2. Chatbot:

Artificial Intelligence is ruling the technology ever since its inception. Every website is designing its own chatbot to produce responses that are relevant. Bots are visually interesting and websites are employing content writers to predict answers that feel like chatting with a human on the other side. Facebook, Gmail, and every other Social Media are integrating chatbots to enhance the user experience. Chatbots are here to stay.

3. Live streaming:

This feature has been added to many Social Media sites recently. Experts see a huge potential in Live Streaming. The users instantly connect to the streaming video and get the actual feel of being there. Youtube and other sites are continuously working on making Live streaming more glamorous and appealing. Many brands are engaging in Live streaming to promote their brand. It is can be seen an emerging Digital Marketing tool.

Social Media Trends

4. Influencer marketing taking turns:

Brands have started recognizing the power of influence marketing. There are many celebrities who are being approached to endorse products/brands on their personal social media handles. Influencer marketing is not only restricted to certain people, but it also identifies the popular handles or pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote their brand.

5. Social Media Marketing becoming the mainstream advertising:

It’s high time everybody realizes the power of Social Media now. The penetration of Social Media in India is not only restricted to the millennial generation now, Social media is now engaging the older as well as the younger generations now. There is a huge scope for marketing and branding via the different Digital Marketing tools and many Digital Marketing Solution providers are emerging to cater to the digital marketing needs.

6. Instagram Stories to rule:

Instagram has slowly but steadily been making a firm grip on the Social Media users. Since the introduction of stories has happened, Instagram usage has increased tremendously. Every brand is looking out for how they can increase the user engagement through Instagram stories.

7. Facebook has already become a cult:

It would be unfair to term Facebook as just Social Media. Facebook now has everything from news to weather updates. People practically live on Facebook. There are efforts taken by every brand to create their presence on Facebook. Everybody is now looking at tricks for a Facebook platform for business growth.

8. The rise of Virtual reality and Augmented reality:

Mobile gaming, better purchasing, location-based food and travel suggestions everything is possible because of virtual and augmented reality. There are many types of research going on to bring Virtual and Augmented reality in Social Media to increase the user experience.

There are many speculations being made as to what and how things will take a turn in 2018, and these were mine. But the one things that are sure that in the year 2018, there is a lot coming on our cell phones to engage us and change the way social media is now!