Why a concrete digital marketing strategy and online presence are an inherent part of running a business today?

A cursory comparison to the 20th century shows that technology has made an enormous impact on businesses in the 21st century. It has helped businesses cut costs, increase productivity and even opened up new opportunities for business. However, if there’s one technology that has had the largest impact on modern day businesses then it has to be the internet.

We’ve come a long way from the time people used the internet only to search for information and other non-commercial purposes. Today, they take to the web for everything ranging from what to buy to which holiday destination to visit. Businesses, consequently, cannot afford to remain on the sidelines as people take to the internet like the duck to water.

Thanks to the reach and influence of the internet and social media, an entrepreneur can reach millions of users or buyers with the minimum of effort. This is the biggest reason why traditional advertising and marketing budgets are seeing massive cuts as more and more businesses are diverting money to the more influential and value-for-money digital marketing avenues.

Now let us understand the many benefits of digital marketing for business in brief.

  1. A level playing field –

Probably the biggest advantage of digital marketing is that it allows you to compete with businesses and companies much larger than yours. You can be a startup, an SME or a mid-level company, lack of advertising resources will never be a factor again as you attempt to compete against larger companies in the quest for greater sales. The perfect digital marketing strategy allows you to advertise in a targeted manner, which is not only efficient but also quite cost-effective.

  1. Affordable –

This is a point one can never have enough of when talking about digital marketing. When compared to traditional marketing mediums like newspapers, radio or even television, digital marketing is very affordable for even small businesses.

  1. Measurability –

One of the strongest points of digital marketing is that you can measure its effectiveness using a variety of metrics. These include tracking the number of visitors to your website, the conversion rate, and the click-through rate. Tools like Google Analytics, Bing Analytics and a host of other customizable applications can be used to track the progress of your digital marketing campaign.

  1. Real-time results –

The ability to measure anything in real-time is priceless. With digital marketing, real-time measuring enables you to track different aspects and see exactly which initiatives are getting you results and which are the duds.

  1. Refining your strategy –

Armed with real-time results, you can observe which parts of your online marketing campaign make the strongest impact on your potential clients. This allows you to refine your digital marketing strategy and concentrate resources on areas that are delivering results.

  1. Brand exposure and development –

Your online presence is representative of your brand. This means your website, social media content, and blogs all have to be in-sync with your brand values and positioning. Digital marketing empowers you to position and develop your brand in the way you want. Create a website with a responsive SEO-friendly design, define appropriate calls-to-action and use them in a way that maximizes your conversion rate. Use paid marketing methods like Google AdWords, Facebook paid ads and paid content networks to enhance your brand image and drive relevant visitor traffic to your website.

  1. Connect with customers –

Once your business gains traction and builds a good base of customers, it’s important to cultivate this base for brand promotion and repeat business opportunities. This can be achieved with digital marketing as it allows you to connect with customers across different platforms. Promote your brand, offer discounts, announce new products and services and offer excellent support over social media networks; you can do all this and more through digital marketing.

Grow business via targeted marketing

  1. Grow business via targeted marketing –

Digital marketing allows you to target your advertising to a specific demographic or audience. This leads to more effective marketing and quicker results. Your business grows much faster this way. Moreover, targeted marketing enables you to save money as every penny you spend is accounted for. All this money saved essentially adds to the bottom-line of your business.

The importance of digital marketing today is more apparent than ever before. It holds the key to future business growth and even large multinational companies have come to recognize its benefits. In the face of this large-scale adoption, small or even medium-sized businesses simply cannot afford to miss the digital marketing bus.

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