Generating surplus lead is a common goal that all businesses share in common. The goal here is to optimize conversions. It necessitates a strategic approach and perseverance for fulfilling business objectives. In this piece of writing, we will throw light on some of the effective ways of converting web traffic into viable leads.

Converting website traffic into leads

Every day thousands of websites are added into the search engines. Business module tends to differ from one client to another based on functionality and design. They incorporate on-page optimization for improving the outreach of the website. To generate more traffic, varied webmasters are clinging to their websites. They implement advanced techniques for conversion rate optimization.   

10 Tricks to Convert Web Traffic into Successful Leads

To withstand the pressure of fierce competition and hassle that exists in the digital market, it is imperative to opt for SEO services and lay down useful strategies through which your business can convert web traffic into profitable leads. The mechanisms that are being used here will cast a positive effect on the achievement of business goals.

1. Landing pages

One of the most effective ways of converting visitors into lead is a landing page. Through the landing page, you can not only present your message to the targeted audience but also collect user’s information when presented in a well-planned way.   When combined with targeted market traffic, a landing page can surge the conversion ratio by 50 to 60 per cent.

2. Mailing sequence for those who do not convert

Emails are an indispensable part of online marketing. It helps marketers to stay in touch with their visitors. You must have the experience of finding a desirable product or service to be premium priced, which you cannot afford at that moment. However, you have plans to buy them later. The salesperson will understand your requirements and start sending email to be in touch with you. At last, he succeeded in converting you into a loyal and profitable customer.   

3. The usage of remarketing

Remarketing is a cost-effective technique in comparison to paid ads when it comes to converting web traffic into lead. It can help you to make an unwilling visitor a regular customer by showing your ads wherever and whenever he or she surfs the internet. There are shreds of evidence, which show that remarketing can optimize sales volume by nearly 70 per cent. When compared to paid ads, they are more cost-efficient.

4. Free trials and subscriptions

Offering something free is a big deal in the world of corporate marketing. It often stimulates the desire to purchase a product or service. When you offer a free trial, you are relieving your potential customers from anxiety, as there is no commitment from their side. 

5. Use Exit Popup

It is a proven way to keep your visitors engaged just when they are about to leave the web page. Many publishers of digital blogs like WordStream make use of it to convert them into long-lasting customers. Just remember that you need to provide a good reason to fill the exit-intent popup form.

6. Notification bars and banners

When you visit a website, you may find a notification bar or banner at the top of the page that provides important notifications. As users start to browse your web pages, they will find important notifications in the bar. 

7.   Unblock-able popup forms

It is a proven way of converting web traffic into leads. You can convert nearly 10 per cent of your daily traffic into leads based on the achievement of your offer. Thus, they prove to be a great way of converting website traffic into leads. 

8. Opt-in forms in below posts and sidebars

It can be quite useful to design opt-in forms and sidebars. Nearly 40 per cent of your visitors may click in the opt-in form after visiting your website.

9. Welcome redirect offers

It lets you convert website traffic into leads by implementing welcome redirect offers to the visitors. Here, you can request a user to sing in the popup form for availing attractive gifts such as weekly newsletters and free e-books. It will be valid only for first-time users and not for returning visitors. 

10. Tracking user mouse movement

When you follow what your visitors are clicking and sticking to, then you can manipulate your website accordingly to view the changes.      

Final Thoughts 

The objective of submitting a website to the internet is to gain more traffic. As access to the internet is becoming a lot easier, the number of online users is steadily increasing. Marketers now have more opportunities to attract the interest of online users in comparison to offline users. Just going about displaying ads on a website is not going to help your cause. Interest-based advertisement on the internet accounts for only a quarter of the earnings.

There cannot be any denial of the fact that web traffic has the propensity of generating leads and conversions in a business. Through online advertising, businesses are being benefited by the conversion of web traffic into leads bring surplus revenue and boost their growth. In this article, some of the effective ways of converting web traffic into leads have been discussed.