Have you heard about audience targeting before? Well, it is all about using customer data for segmenting customers based on interests and demographics so that you can find profitable customers for your products and services. Audience targeting renders the advantages of reaching out to customers interested in services and products through relevant messaging.  You leverage the possibilities of finding individuals who will be interested in the ads you are paying for and thereby generating leads, which can be turned into actual sales.

If you are planning to improve the quality of your targeting activities and stop wasting financial reserves then you have to the right place.  In this article, we will discuss proven audience targeting strategies that are recommended by experts in digital marketing. 

10 Audience Targeting Tips to Increase Conversions

  • Data Management

Popular data management platforms track online consumer behaviour with the help of cookies.  Thus, by tracking online behaviour it becomes possible for aggregators to decipher interests, preferences, and demographics for an individual.  Leading companies like Google and Facebook utilize this data for zeroing-in on the desired audience for their marketing clients.  It has to be kept in mind that channel strategies/cross-platform can often yield disappointing results because targeting by definition has to be individual-centric and not channel or product-centric.

  • Use of Psychographics

The use of psychographics such as affinities, values, and motivations are more accurate when it comes to accurate targeting goal. They surpass demographics. With the social analysis tool, it is possible to uncover psychographics for searching follower bios. It can be used for the creation of contents that speaks volume of their lifestyles, attitudes, and priorities. By settling down on how you are going to track, gather, and manage your data it will become feasible to improve your audience targeting.

  • Optimize your outreach with Google’s In-Market Audience

Display campaigns in Google ads can be very effective in targeting an audience that has not heard of your business before.  The truth is Google’s in-market audiences let you target consumers that are taking an interest and researching in your services and products.  By having clear insights, it becomes possible to build different ad groups and deliver a message that resonates with them.  When you make well-informed decisions backed by data findings you can figure out your best customers and then move on to find more about them.

  • Remarketing with Google Ads

By using Google’s Ads Editor a marketer view, download, and assign existing audiences. Depending on the campaign type, it becomes possible to target remarketing services, customize combination lists, interest categories, and life events.  It paves the way for different forms of testing for the marketer and compares the most effective market campaigns.

  • Social media custom audiences and retargeting

Social Media platforms like Facebook do have issues with data privacy; it remains the social platform of choice for targeting, reaching, and engaging potential customers, as it is a personalized data platform.  Digital marketing services realize that social media can render capabilities to target users on the platform based on their interests.

  • Using LinkedIn for keyword researching

Social media platforms like LinkedIn hold the potential of offering the most expansive and best audience targeting. LinkedIn can provide valuable data that eminent search engines fail to provide. By studying the LinkedIn profile of different professionals with job titles it has become possible for digital marketers to develop keyword lists, which can be incorporated to make the search campaigns and audience targeting more robust.

  • Prioritizing SEO

Nothing can surpass Organic SEO when it comes down to audience targeting.  Through SEO, you can always stay on the customer’s mind when they are searching for products and services that you offer.

  • Using Chatbots in your plan

Willing consumers prefer to interact with the Chatbots of your brand before surfing through the web pages of your site.  You can develop a Chabot using an open-source machine-learning framework like Tensor Flow so that they can determine if the visitors are in the list of the target audience. It requires a team-marketing analyst who can control the decisions that the algorithm is taking.  That way algorithms can be manipulated desirably based on previous learning experiences.  

  • Start Tracking

Through the incorporation of event tracking, you can see how visitors interact with your site and render help to conjure a more effective online presence. Marketing companies can collect personal info like phone IDs and deliver ads based on geographical information just by knowing the longitude, latitude, IP address, and date.

  • Keep looking forward

To reach out to profitable and loyal customers top marketers are using audience targeting. As technologies are changing rapidly, you must keep looking forward to finding out new strategies.  Technological innovations can be utilized in an amazing way for audience targeting. We can find out new revolutionary ways to target your audiences for yielding desirable results.