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Do you want Easy Subscription process?

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Do you want to Set The Expectations right?

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How to make The email copy easy to read?

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Want to send emails on a regular basis?

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Email marketing is one of best cost effective channel to engage your customers, but there lies a huge obligation when representing an enterprise. Email marketing campaigns are an extension of your company’s brand and it should be portrayed well in the online space. If the emails lack the necessary luster in terms of quality content and user experience it can backfire leading to a marketing debacle. This in turn lead to negative customer experience and low conversion rates.

It is therefore of utmost importance that certain mandatory email prerequisites be followed while executing the campaigns especially if you are a small business enterprise. We will strategies your email campaign very effectively considering following points.

Easy Subscription Process

Whenever creating email signup forms on your webpage make sure to minimize the number of fields in the form at the same time make it simple. People tend to restrain from filling the forms if it collects too much information.

Set The Expectations Right

On the subscription forms explicitly state what the customers can expect in their email inbox, let it be newsletter, new deals etc. This let the customers think whether they want to enroll or not for the email subscription.

Make The Email Copy Easy To Read

Its essential that the email being drafted should be appealing to the customer. It should have apt images and well spaced contents which should be engrossing for the customer. The key here is, a well written and readable copy which can successfully engage the customers.

Segmentation Of The Customer Database

Always segment the customer database according to gender, age, demography etc. This helps you to send a personalized email with the apt product/service offers. Also the database can be segmented further based upon the customer interest viz. enrollment for newsletters, best deals updates etc.

Send Emails On A Regular Basis

The emails, let it be newsletter; product updates or best deals available, should be send on a regular basis. This ensures that customers are familiar with your brand and doesn’t categorize you as spam mail.

Optimize The Emails On Mobile Platforms

Since most users now-a-days are in a habit of checking online content on the mobiles, its very essential that email templates be optimized for mobiles. Statistics show that a very good number of users tend to delete the emails if not a responsive design template.

Get Well Versed With Spamming Regulations

Email Spamming rules are getting day to day attention as more companies are vying for the customers attention in the online space. Always follow the permission based email marketing techniques which ensures that you are not blacklisted

Run Trials Of Your Email Campaign

To reveal any design glitches its essential that we run tests on different platforms. The testing program should test emails for responsive designs as well as spam check.

Shareability Option

Its always a good idea to provide an option to make your email updates shareable on social media platforms. Make a visible link of the social media icons on your email templates which makes it easy for the customer to share. This can provide you a broad social media coverage among the customer’s friends circle.

Analyze Your Statistical Data

Keep a tab on the click through rates and open rates which is a direct reflection of your campaign’s success. The statistical data can provide valuable insights according to which the email marketing strategy can be altered.


We not only provide Digital Marketing services but specifically we focus on strategies as per your type of industry. Following are few in which we are specialized.

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