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Do you have multiple clients associated with you?

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Do you want to outsource their digital
marketing requirement to reliable partner?

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Do you want to spend zero time in monitoring
outsourced company?

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Do you want preformatted reports?

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digital marketing.

Being IT/Internet marketing consultant, while outsourcing your SEO/SMM work to any agency you have some critical question in your mind like,

How do you measure the success of your Digital Marketing campaigns?

You want the agency who will not only focus on your marketing activity but can measure the campaign in terms of sales or leads. That is the ultimate aim of outsourcing the digital marketing services. We have the team who have customer centric approach and focus on these terms only.

How do you determine which search terms to focus on?

Our technical expert staff having experience of more than 6yrs. They are Google certified and understand Google algorithm very well. Keyword analysis is very important part of SEO which we are expert in. We have worked on more than 1000 keywords and ranked them in Google on good position.

How do you create content for search optimization?

Content act major roll in digital marketing campaigns. We have good team of content writer who can create content purely for white label SEO. All content will be unique and keyword rich.

How do you integrate search optimization efforts with other aspects of the marketing program?

Many times SEO or any other activity of digital marketing done in vacuum and it is not make sure that search term is optimized and related to product we are selling. We have that expertise can measure these things and strategies it.

What is your approach to getting more links?

As content plays major role in promoting your site, it is also important how you promote the content. Unless you get high quality backlinks it will be like throwing a bunch of stuff against a wall and hoping something sticks. We have very systematic approach for getting high quality links that it will increase your organic traffic by 100%.

After the initial setup, what services do you provide month-to-month?

Some SEO firms will put real effort into getting the search program set up (pick terms, write copy, establish reports, get a few links) in the first 60 days, but then charge the client hundreds or thousands of dollars each month thereafter for essentially very little work. As a partner we will create content on a regular basis, be garnering new links continuously, and be monitoring competitors.

What’s your best success story?

Any campaign, ultimate aim is to get leads and ROI should be match. Our clients are satisfied with our work and they are with us since long time is the sign of our success.

How do you provide reports to my clients?

Many companies work for you as outsourcing partner but your major time consuming part will be at every month end and that is reports. You need to sort every client report and customize it as per your agency and send them to client. We will provide you preformatted reports as per your need and no name of our firm in reports, you can just take it and forward it to clients. This is lot of time save for you.


We not only provide Digital Marketing services but specifically we focus on strategies as per your type of industry. Following are few in which we are specialized.

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