Infographics: Best Practices to run successful Universal App Campaigns (UAC)

The latest update for Google Adwords is existing search, display, and YouTube promo campaigns will stop running on 15th November. So, it is important to enhance your Universal App Campaigns(UAC) as soon as possible. With UAC, you can promote your apps across your apps across Google’s largest properties

1) Campaign Goal

There are two types of Campaign goals getting more app installs and another one is driving in-app actions. The main objective of the campaign goal is to increase App Installs or In-app actions.

i) App Installs: The objective of this campaign is to increase new user base for your app. You need to optimize your campaign, set the bid the amount you are willing to spend when someone clicks and install your app. You can target users and increase the number of installs for your app.

ii) In-App Actions: If you are focusing on the users who are more likely to convert or take a specific action, consider in-app actions which are valuable to the campaign. In this campaign, you need to select a CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) bid, it’s the amount you are likely to spend when someone carries out in-app actions.

Optimize In-App Action Campaign
Keep a keen observation of the campaign, learn how users engage with your app and try to track and observe all important conversion events. Choose the right action of the users which is valuable to your business. This will give enough data on how users interact with In-app action. Optimize campaign by changing bids, target audience, location, bid optimization etc.

2) Campaign Bids and Budget

Set the campaign bids and budget according to your business goal and spending. Optimize the bids and budget of your campaign that generates better results for your business. Once the budget & bids are changed, observe the campaign for the specific days and notice the changes that deliver a result to your campaign spend.

3) Campaign Creative Ads

You need to increase user engagement with your creative text ads, video ads or image ads, so that you will get maximum clicks for app install.

i) Text Ads: Create clear and concise text ads that will meet your business goal.

ii) Video Ads: Develop engaging videos that will show your app in action. Add a call to action, so that visitors will interact with your video.

iii) Images Ads: Use engaging and relevant images of multiple sizes.

All these tasks to perform in Universal App campaign (UAC) is quite hard to do for the non-technical person. You can outsource these tasks to PPC management agency where you can achieve all your business goals with result drive marketing strategy.


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