7 Essential Digital Marketing Techniques Every Marketer Should Know

Digital marketing is one of those terms that we all talk a lot about but when asked to define in a precise manner, find ourselves at a loss. That is perfectly normal as digital marketing is an umbrella term that comprises multiple techniques. Having said that, if you would still like to venture a definition for digital marketing, this would be apt, ‘digital marketing refers to all activities related to marketing  that are done using […]

Now Google has Removed the View Image & Search by Image Buttons

On 16th February 2018, Google made a huge change to its search options by declaring that the ‘view image’ button will be discarded. On clicking the view image button, the user was able to open the image alone with no compulsion of visiting the site, the image was posted on. A tweet from Google on 16th of his month revealed the Google latest update that will be incorporated. The tweet read: “Today we’re launching some […]

Best Web Hosting Supports SEO for a Higher Ranking?

Website ranking and performance does not depend only on SEO and web content. It also depends on the server on which your website is hosted. Webmasters have understood the significance of best web hosting in the recent years. Your website can face low rankings despite having good SEO if you have a low performing server or a server with incompetent configuration. No wonder Google and other search engines attribute performance factors related to hosting as […]

Why Social Media Marketing is Important for Your Business?

The Internet has brought a revolution in social interaction and social media has tremendous capability to help you reach out to your target audience. Shouting out on social media platforms with right strategies is the game to get huge traffic. Social media marketing has been proved as the best tool to boost profits in your business.  Any business can be successful if it has a prominent presence in the target market. Social media marketing takes […]

Best 8 Social Media Trends to Watch Out for In 2018

Social Media is ever evolving every day. New updates for each app are waiting for you to enter the Wi-fi zone. From Twitter to Instagram, From Quora to Snapchat, every social media is rebuilding, restructuring and re-engineering its app/website to engage more and more users every day. 2017 brought tremendous changes in social media. The meaning of a story changed completely for everyone. Earlier while everyone had a story, now everyone is on a story! […]

Search Ranking Algorithm Update This Year

The Digital markets revolve around rich content and its connection to Google search rankings. The digital world is extremely dynamic and influential in present times. It is highly focused and extremely competitive than it ever was. The main end Goal for any business marketing on the Internet today is to stay on the top in search engine rankings and stay there. For this to happen you have to stay on top and updated about latest […]

A Quick Overview Of Major Google Algorithm Updates for Digital Marketers

Every digital marketer now knows that Google has become smarter than his smartest peer! That is because the Google wants to control what is being displayed in front of an audience. It does not want to be manipulated by webmasters to rank on its first page. Giving users exactly what they want is the goal of Google. Google gradually brought many updates in its search algorithms to fulfill this goal. There were basically two reasons […]

4 Tips to Choose Right Digital Marketing Solution Provider for your Business

Marketing! The term Marketing is crucial for every Business. With the right marketing strategy, you can target your audience this will boost your business branding, drive traffic and generate leads. This will eventually affect your business sales and growth. Today’s flourishing field of marketing is Digital Marketing. Thus, to choose right digital marketing agency is essential for your business growth. There is the number of Digital Marketing agencies in the market. So, it will be […]

Tricks to rank higher in Google search engine – SEO trends for 2018

As the number of online businesses is increasing in today’s era. Business owners are getting aware why SEO (search engine optimization) is important for their business growth. SEO is becoming a crucial factor to rank in search engine. As we are heading towards 2018, SEO trends should be known by every SEO experts and business owners which will be beneficial to stay competitive and rank higher in SERP’s. Following are the SEO trends that should […]

Infographics: Best Practices to run successful Universal App Campaigns (UAC)

The latest update for Google Adwords is existing search, display, and YouTube promo campaigns will stop running on 15th November. So, it is important to enhance your Universal App Campaigns(UAC) as soon as possible. With UAC, you can promote your apps across your apps across Google’s largest properties 1) Campaign Goal There are two types of Campaign goals getting more app installs and another one is driving in-app actions. The main objective of the campaign […]